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" There is power in kindness"

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The Sunday Blue Story


You know the feeling you get on a Sunday evening. The anticipations of the working week

ahead looming. It's been such a fun weekend, you slept in, went to pilates, caught up with your

girlfriends at the new local brunch spot, took a long leisurely stroll around the river, and then all

of a sudden BAM! reality kicks in, so you reach for the bottle of pinot as that icky feeling of

dread that we know all too well to be the 'Sunday Blues' takes over.

Trust us besties, we've been there. Too many times to count. In fact, those dreaded Sunday

Evenings served the inspiration behind our beautiful candles.

So we decided to reinvent Sundays. Spreading good vibes and positivity one candle at a time.

Join us on our mission by simply making time for Self Care. Not just on Sunday, but everyday.

Cos we deserve to treat ourselves like queens.


The Sunday Blue x